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CSI Natural Soil Amendment

Photo of CSI Natural Soil Amendment

Product Description: A rich dark soil amendment made from a combination of green debris, grass clippings and leaves which has been shredded and stored for 14-20 weeks within a windrow system to maintain aerobic conditions within the pile. The material is monitored for temperatures (reaching 135 degrees or more), air flow and moisture.

Applications: Soil Amendments are used to enrich garden soils before planting. CSI Natural Soil Amendment can also be used as a mulch to suppress weeds, to keep plant roots cool and moist, to conserve water, to maintain a loose and porous soil surface and to prevent soil from eroding or compacting. Sifted soil amendments can be used to make a rich, loose potting soil for patio planters, houseplants or starting seedlings in flats. Tilling soil amendments into soil improves the physical and biological characteristics of the soil by increasing the organic content.

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Product Trucking Radius: 30 miles

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