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- Natural Soil Amendment
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CSI Natural - Mulch Varieties

- Natural Dark Brown Mulch
- Natural Red Mulch
- Natural Hardwood Mulch
- Natural Matting Mulch
- Natural Hardwood Fines Mulch

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- Natural TopSoil
- Natural Spent TopDressing
- Natural Shell

CSI Natural - Stones & Boulders

- Coquina Rock

CSI Natural Red Mulch

Photo of CSI Natural Red Mulch

Product Description: CSI Natural's red colored mulch consists of ground municipal yard debris, screened to 2"-3". Next, the yard debris or green waste is re-ground in a tub grinder and colored with a red dye to enhance it's natural appearance. CSI Natural Red Mulch will deliver strong water retention with a nice bright red appearance.

Applications: CSI Natural Red Mulch is a great way to enhance existing landscaping beds, walkways and driveways. CSI Natural Red Mulch is a strong "Eye-Catcher" when visiting or driving-by a commercial/residential landscape. The bright red color emphasies the mulch which transitions nicely to surrounding landscaping vegetation.

Product Cost: Request A Quote

Product Trucking Radius: 30 miles

CSI Natural - Producer to Natural TopSoil and Mulch within Central Florida.