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Photo of CSI Natural Booth at Parktowne Business Expo 2011 Photo of CSI Natural Compost, Mulch & TopSoil Banner on Delivery Truck

CSI Natural Compost, Mulch & TopSoil was present at the 2nd Annual Parktowne Business Expo. in Edgewater, FL...

CSI Natural had an excellent showing at the 2nd Annual Parktowne Business Expo. located in Edgewater, FL. Local business within Volusia County are present to showcase thier business products and/or services in hopes of gaining popularity within the community. CSI Natural was ready from the beginning and put on a steller presentation which introduced many local residents to the all important decision to "purchase locally".

The benefits were obvious to Edgewater's attending public. Everyone who stopped by the booth learned very quickly the benefits of purchasing locally. The Edgewater residents couldn't believe the natural material they had put at the curb months prior, was now being utilized in decorative landscapes and fuitful gardening projects throught the city of Edgewater, FL.

"So let me get this straight, the resident (me) puts the yard trimmings, grass clippings, tree limbs (green debris) etc... at the end of the driveway. The City collects the green debris and passes it all to CSI Natural, where everything is processed-out in the form of totally natural, 100% sustainable, gardening & landscaping alternatives at affordable prices... This makes perfect sense, HOW DO I BUY" -Local.

For anyone who doesn't already know... CSI Natural introduced the process of composting to a local facility who contains municipal green debris (tree trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, etc...) for the City of Edgewater. The primary benefits of this process are completely natural, gardening and landscaping by-products in the forms of compost, colored mulch varieties, soil amendments, topdressings and topsoil.

Most residents could not believe how nice the products looked when introduced to a native florida potted palm tree. "I really like the Burgundy Mulch because of the dark red appearance. It's better than that radioactive red I see around town." -Local

"To think I could produce a plentiful bounty of my own herbs and vegetables... After learning that there's nothing better for me to be growing-in for reasons of cost, quality and sustainablity, CSI Natural just makes the best sense". -Local

The reception was tremendous! Everyone who approached the CSI Natural Compost, Mulch & TopSoil booth left with a better understanding of the recycling process as well as the benefits of using local materials as an alternative to mass-market gardening and landscaping products.

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Photo of Vegetables, Herbs and Palm Trees in CSI Natural compost.
Photo of CSI Natural Sales Rep. helping customers at Parktowne Business Expo.
Photo of public at Parktowne Business Expo.
Photo of CSI Natural Sales Reps. at Parktowne Business Expo in Edgewater, FL.
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