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Photo of Organic Vegetable Garden in Edgewater, FL. Photo of Organic Vegetables in Edgewater, FL Garden.

Organic Vegetable Garden in Edgewater, FL chooses CSI Natural Spent Compost and Soil Amendment.

Seems of late, many people in Volusia County and other parts of the country are spending more time at home due in part to the "economic downturn" we've all been experiencing... Growing fruits & vegetables in the backyard is a very gratifying way to spend time at home and the payoff can be HUGE. Growing food is not always easy but with experience comes reward and a tried-n-true example of this exists right here in Edgewater.

Not too long ago CSI Natural met a person at an event in town. The person purchased CSI Natural Spent Compost and CSI Natural Soil Amendment to use in the backyard garden. Ok, great, thanks for the purchase and let us know how it works out and if you need anything else, please let us know!

Time passed and contact was re-established because of a "Contribution Program" CSI Natural has been working on with Volusia County Schools... Eventually, CSI Natural visits the garden and is completely BLOWN AWAY! From what we've seen lately, this garden is in the running's for the best "Organic" garden in town.

This person makes time to produce what is eaten and is more than willing to share with the community. In fact, vegetables in excess are delivered to "Gifts of Love", located in Edgewater, FL, weekly. Seedlings are provided to those in need and willing to implement a backyard garden, of any size. The person is incredibly caring and willing to help everyone who shows an interest in producing locally grown food.

Seedlings and cuttings are available on request, tutorials on growing shiitake and reishi mushrooms in oak logs, making compost tea, vermicompost... The list goes on. The bottom line is this person is willing to help anyone who is seeking information. If you'd like to contact this person, please contact CSI Natural via email or telephone.

Products Used:

Photo of Organic Vegetables in Edgewater, FL Garden.
Photo of Organic Seedlings in Edgewater, FL Garden.
Photo of Shiitake & Reishi Mushrooms being grown in oak logs.
Photo of Vermicomposting in Edgewater, FL.
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