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Photo of Backyard Garden in Edgewater, FL Photo of Backyard Raised Bed Garden in Edgewater, FL

Backyard Gardener in Edgewater, FL produced a plentiful bounty with CSI Natural Spent Compost.

Edgewater, FL is a town located in Volusia County in between New Smyrna Beach and Oak Hill. Within Edgewater is a gardener who has been growing fruits/vegetables and landscaping shrubs since CSI Natural began our operation 9 months ago. As a result, the gardener provided great feedback along the way which helped in developing the CSI Natural Products line.

The gardener has been growing a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplant within a raised bed system he created, right in his backyard. "Growing vegetables has never been easier, given everything I plant in my garden seems to grow really well!", said gardener.

Not only is the backyard gardener producing food all year long, he's taken it a step further by teaching different gardening techniques to his son. "He really likes to help out in the garden, from planting new seedlings to keeping the raised bed system watered in the Florida heat."

The raised bed garden system utilized by the gardener is a simple solution to backyard gardening and it's very effective. To make the raised bed, there are a couple of options, buy new or salvage materials and make your own. Obviously CSI Natural encourages everyone to Reduce.Reuse.Recycle so salvaging used materials for a raised bed system is often preferred.

After you locate the proper materials to construct a raised bed garden (x4 2" x 12", untreated), you'll need to construct it. Make sure the four 2" x 12 " boards are nailed together securely on all four ends. After the "Box" has been assembled, fill the raised bed with a combination of CSI Natural Spent Compost and CSI Natural TopSoil. Plant whatever is to be grown in the raised be system and remember to water frequently, but do not overwater... After a few months the garden will produce healthy vegetables faster than you can keep up.

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Photo of Vegetables being grown in a Raised Bed Garden.
Photo of Produce grown in Backyard Raised Bed Garden
Photo of Backyard Raised Bed Garden in Edgewater, FL
Photo of Raised Bed Garden and Helper...
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